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Spinning for spring fitness
10 months, 23 days ago  |  Get Gorgeous

A New Spin on Cycling

By Gretta Monahan

It’s no secret that spinning is one of the most on-fire fitness movements around, and Boston’s local landscape of studios is expanding into new territory faster than I can even keep up. But the place I and my staff at Gretta Luxe boutique are obsessed with is B/Spoke — a studio that’s as much about community and living a healthy lifestyle as it is a terrific workout.

In fact, we love it so much that when its latest site just opened down the street from the boutique in Wellesley, we started planning a special “Gretta Girls Ride” ride there for Gretta Luxe clients and fans. (The ride took place June 1, and was a blast!)

And why are we so obsessed? “I think it’s that I love the staff’s contagious energy and environment,” said Carina Donoso, one of the fashion and styling experts at the boutique. Colleague Lauren Begley loves it, too. “The play­lists are always on point, and the studio space is gorgeous.” I completely agree: Instead of being a cold, dark space, it’s got a kind of California beach-y, Malibu vibe that makes you feel instantly comfy. The palette is neutral, and the effect is more a mini resort than gym.

When you talk to B/Spoke co-owner Mark Partin, he explains that there’s a big-picture reason for what we love about it.

“The problem with a lot of spinning studios and fitness centers in general is they offer a workout, and it ends there,” he said. “People leave and the experience never gets beyond the studio. But we’re more of a lifestyle company. We believe that when people start working out and feeling better, then they want to start dressing differently, and they want to be part of a community. We cater to all those touch points.”

How? “You’re gabbing with the people at front desk or our instructors, you’re reading our journal recommending other places to hang out nearby, you’re staying for a kombucha after the workout and talking to friends. We go beyond the confines of the studio and become a part of people’s lives, and part of their day and their community.”

And that extends to the location itself. “We custom design each of our spaces differently, thinking about what each community would like most in look and feel,” he said. The downtown Boston studio, for example, has an industrial vibe, with metal pipes softened up with corrugated wood. The Wellesley location feels more like a spa. “We tailor it all,” he said. “That’s where the concept of ‘B/Spoke’ comes in.”

They’re introducing a cafe and retail shopping areas with trunk shows in Wellesley. A recent event, Beauty Bikes and Baubles, featured a trunk show with Beauty­counter and Stella & Dot. And of course, they’re bringing in local brands such as Gretta Luxe to take over some of that retail with clothing and special rides.