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Winter fur chic
1 year, 3 months ago  |  Get Dressed

Affordable Winter Luxury

It just keeps getting colder and colder around here, and as we get ready to dive deep into winter, there’s one surefire way to keep your body temperature as high as your style quotient: fur. Real or faux, it always adds a fierce touch of luxury.

That’s the good news. The bad? It can cost a pretty penny — even the faux kind. But while you may not have the bucks for a full coat or jacket, how about some sweaters, coats, scarves and gloves that are trimmed with the stuff?

For example: A fur-­topped sneaker, anyone? Not only do Sam Edelman’s keep you warm (it’s suede and sports a very solid, chunky structure), it’s beyond cute and fluffy. And when on earth are furry pom-poms anything but a total win-win? It comes in four pretty, attention-­nabbing colors that add flair to any outfit. ($99.95 at nordstrom­.com)

Still want more furry puffs? The Kyi Kyi beanie is more of a stylish beret. It’s genuine fox fur (but there are plenty out there that are faux) in colors that run from marled gray to pretty pink rose. Of course, while beanies keep you warm in the cold, sometimes you don’t want to take yours off inside, for fear of unleashing static­ky hair. So if you’re going to keep a topper on indoors, it better be cute. Here’s one that fits that bill perfectly. ($98 at

Utterly adorable and fluffy as can be, faux fur mittens in playful colors let everyone know you’re not taking your winter wardrobe too seriously. At Urban Outfitters, they come in pale lavender or bold canary yellow. They’re big, soft and guaranteed to keep your hands warm all season long. ($29 at

Faux fur jackets are perfect to add bold texture to any wardrobe, panache to a casual outfit (they’re great paired with jeans) or to rev up a night-on-the-town ensemble over sexy leather leggings. This head-­turning one from Nasty Gal is in a classic animal print. ($158 at

If you’re having a great hair day and don’t want to lose volume by throwing a hat on, reach for some earmuffs to keep you toasty. This pair from J. Crew is so, so wildly soft, they’ll feel like soft clouds on your ears. ($39.50 at