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men's holiday gift guide
2 years, 4 months ago  |  Go Shopping

Ah, Men! What to Give the Guys

If you have a boyfriend, husband, brother, or just about any friend who happens to be male, you probably already know what we’re about to say: Men are damn near impossible to buy gifts for. “I don’t need anything!” they say, when asked for a wish list. “I don’t know, I’m all good,” they promise, even though you just know there’s something they probably want. (Besides, that is, the obvious: unlimited sex.)

So what are those of us who love them supposed to do at the holidays? Just buy them yet another tie? Nope–not this year. Team Gretta has a few surefire ideas, below. And if anything should go awry, fear not: Unlike sex, they’re always returnable.

  • The new Apple TV: Older versions are great and all, but any movie/TV/gaming-loving guy won’t miss the endless button pushing and searching that went along with finding the exact entertainment they wanted. This new model takes the work out of it all, with a Siri remote that lets you search with your voice, or one quick swipe of your thumb. Now it also doubles as a gaming device; he can download the same games he can find on his iPad/iPhone onto the Apple TV.
  • Nima portable gluten testerAnxiety-free eating — is there any better present? Allergy-prone dudes can use this compact gadget on any meal they’re the least bit worried about. The sensor is a sleek device that fits discreetly on the dining table. Slip a tiny sample of food into it, and it will let him know within 2 minutes if he’s good to start chowing down or not. Starting at $199.
  • Escape the Room Boston: Spirited bonding time with a group of his best buds? Instead of the usual Bruins game, this group game tests all their problem-solving and creativity skills, and promotes intense cooperation among the group. The objective: Use clues and rely on one another to solve problems and find your way out of the game space in less than an hour. Book for about $29 per person.
  • Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi: Sous vide cooking is the magic bullet for delicious, perfectly predictable and controllable results. The highest-end restaurants have been using it for years; now it’s here for the home. Spring for the Wi-Fi model (to avoid Bluetooth hassles) and he can use the corresponding app to start the process of cooking dinner for you from pretty much anywhere — like when he’s on the way home from work. $199.
  • Beer Making Kit: Hop­heads can get all DIY and proudly brew their own suds. Great for the first-time dabbler, the kit is easy and nearly foolproof — and since it yields beer with 6.8 percent alcohol, it’ll be sure to lift his spirits in more ways than one. $40.