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2 years, 6 months ago  |  Get Gorgeous

Brush Up on Your Body Scrubs

“So what are you going to get done at the spa?” we were recently asked.

“A body treatment. Can’t wait!” we answered.

“Oh, nice. You’ll be so relaxed!”

Huh? Relaxed? It always amazes us how many people think of body treatments like they do a very gentle Swedish massages: That they’re primarily about lying down on a table and chilling out for an hour, as opposed to producing real health or beauty results.

Because the truth is, a good body treatment is as vital a secret beauty weapon as any out there. When done right, they draw toxins and excess fluids from your body, helping to tone you up (and fight water retention) in the process. They also activate the lymphatic system, and promote detoxification and boost metabolism. The upshot? Firmer yet softer skin, cellulite reduction, better overall circulation, and a healthy, natural glow.

So the real question isn’t whether you want a body treatment (believe us–you do!), it’s what kind you want. Treatments using sugar as the main ingredient in the scrub are ideal for people with sensitive skin, since sugar particles are small and less abrasive on the skin. It’s also less drying than other alternatives, and is a fantastic way to even out skin tone and texture.

For less sensitive skin and people looking for the ultimate exfoliation, salt scrubs are your go-to cure. Salt also has a slew of healing and antiseptic properties that can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation! So its benefits are therapeutic as well as beautifying.

Both help circulation, open up pores to help the skin breathe, and prep your skin for the body wrap that follows the scrub during the treatment–which induces huge amounts of hydration after the body scrub.

At G Spa, we love both, depending on what your body needs mostL our Salt Glow Scrub or a Sweet Rub & Scrub. Both are 30 minutes long, and both are $100. And with both, after rinsing with our Vichy shower, your body is covered in a moisturizing body cream.

And then there are our specialized scrubs, using elements like corn–in our 50-minute Maize and Mountain Laurel Scrub 50 Minutes ($145). In the powerful Native American-inspired combines a vigorous exfoliation using ground maize and the health & wellness benefits of our fragrant state flower, mountain laurel, to leave your skin immaculate and polished.

Our 50-minute G Tox Detoxifying Body Scrub and Wrap ($145) is a rich antioxidant treatment that naturally exfoliates and detoxifies, soothes, and rejuvenates.

The natural benefits of the sea and herbs are used in our 50-minute Garden Mint Algae Firming Body Scrub and Wrap ($145), to organically boost body firmness and vitality.

With the 50-minute Milk & Honey Hydrating Body Scrub and Wrap ($135)–which is our most popular, b.t.w.–a scrub of milk and honey sugar is followed by a fragrant and hydrating milk and honey body masque. The result: silky smooth and radiant skin for days.

Do body scrubs once a month, and your skin will look and feel as great as all of the above ingredients sound. Book your treatment with G Spa right here.