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1 year, 7 months ago  |  Get Gorgeous

Detoxification Nation #GS

During this summer’s Olympics, plenty of us viewers and fans wondered what those circular marks were on champions like Michael Phelps’ backs and shoulders. Had they gone out for a cross-body tattoos or something?

But then the term “cupping” came into our popular lexicon, and we learned that it’s a form of alternative medicine that creates a local suction on the skin, and is said to help with detoxification. And that in fact, it has a rich heritage: People have been performing cupping for more than 3,000 years.

Most importantly, we also learned that even us non-Olympic mortals can benefit from cupping and its detoxifying boost. Through suction, the skin is drawn into the cup (a vacuum is created either by the heating and subsequent cooling of the air in the cup, or via a mechanical pump). It’s also said to help treat muscle pain, muscle knots, and skin health.

At GSpa, clients are feeling the love for the technique… and then some. “I love this treatment!” says one. “I like that you feel your skin is being pulled away from the fascia, and feel like I’m releasing toxins and it’s even more intensified since I can see it on my back. It’s definitely effective, because I haven’t had a massage in so long and the next day I could barely get out of bed because I was completely drained which, to me, feels like a good thing!”

Call GSpa now to schedule your cupping treatment ($150 for 50 minutes) at 860-312-4772.