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Valentines Day dressing
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Dressing For Day & Night this V-Day

Valentine’s Day always comes with a few challenges: Will you have someone to celebrate it with? If you do, will there be gifts involved? And will those gifts be appropriate for whatever stage you are in your relationship? Oh, the drama!

But this year adds another challenge: Valentine’s Day will fall on a Tuesday, meaning that many of us will be going on dates directly after work. How are we supposed to pull that off — going straight from the office in career-­appropriate garb to special night dressing?

Here are a few solutions:

  • Rock a snazzy neckline. What could be better for V Day than a sweetheart neckline? It’s sexy and sweet, shows a flirty amount of skin, and can be easily hidden all day long in meetings beneath a buttoned-up suit jacket and scarf. One great choice is the Ponte Sheath Dress ($118 at, a sexy little figure- hugging number that can start off at work with a blazer or cardigan and then transition to date night.
  • Plan cute jewelry for that LBD. Amping up a black dress to go from work to a night out is an easy way to avoid an entire outfit change. Choices range from edgy body chains and chokers to bold chunky jewelry. The body chain has become a must-­have for many fashion lovers; it accentuates your entire body instead of just your neck, and is equal parts dainty and bold. has a great selection that can be worn with a number of dress styles.
  • Throw on a face mask the night before. You’ll want to have radiant and blemish-­free skin on your night out, right? And a stressful workday threatens that perfect complexion. So prep with a face mask the night before to keep your skin on point throughout a day of work, weather and makeup. The Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment ($69 at will give you the hydration your skin needs to stay glowing and lively, especially during these cold winter days.
  • Wear a bold red/pink lip. An easy way to supercharge your work outfit is as simple as can be: Bring along a brave red or pink lipstick. The color will instantly ramp up your look with lips that will have your S.O. staring all night. Too Faced Melted Matte Lipsticks ($21 at come in a range of pinks and reds, so there’s plenty to choose from no matter your skin tone or preference for bold.
  • Style your hair the night before. Save time in the morning but ensure an effortless beachy ’do by curling your hair the night before. No matter what your preferred method of curling, just give yourself curls a little tighter than normal so when you wake up they’ll have loosened to your perfect wavy style (and you won’t have to get up an hour early). Before you leave the house, add some texturizing spray to get the volume and messiness you want. Living Proof’s Full Dry Volume Blast spray ($29 at will give you the texture and volume your hair will need after a night of sleeping on your curls.