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Thanksgiving cozy sweater
1 year, 5 months ago  |  Get Dressed

Holiday Outfits to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving — a day of festivities, food and, with any luck, comfy fashion. Sure, you want to look your best for the photos (they can often turn into holiday cards, after all), but when you’re hosting family and friends all day, chic comfort is as key as what you serve for the feast. Here to the rescue are some stylish yet comfortable ideas that you’ll be thankful for next Thursday.

Loose-fitting sweaters are perfect for the holiday. Pair your comfy sweater with black jeans (for an edgier take, with leather leggings), or for a flirty, girlier feel, with an A-line skirt. You’ll look inspired by autumn, but feel cozy and ready to take on a day full of celebrating and serving. The Loose Baggy Top ($74) has a sexy (but not too sexy for family) off-the-shoulder fit, and it will hide the post-feast bulge, so you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious after the meal.

Vests are a fall must-have, and can make any simple outfit a little more complete. Throw one on over virtually any simple top and jeans, a dress or a top and skirt. Fuzzy vests have the added bonus of keeping you warm and bringing an unexpected texture to your ensemble. The LT Fave Vanilla Fuzzy Sherpa Vest ($60) is delicate, extra fuzzy and lined with brown vegan leather. Get ready for it to be a topic of discussion around the table.

Want to step it up and go with something a little surprising for the holiday? The Moulton Dress ($75) will feel extra special at your special event. The front is a modest cut with a mock turtleneck, but it’s the back that’s the star, completely open in a plunging V-cut. Not to mention, the fabric is stretchy so you can still feel comfortable eating as much as you’d like.

And then there’s the secret weapon for the day: shoes that shine and add some height, but also will save your soles from aching by afternoon. For that, grab a pair of Jasper Embossed Leather Wedges by Gentle Souls Kenneth Cole ($160.30). Their sturdy wedge, subtle sheen and sculptural profile complement almost any look — the way gravy complements turkey.