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Spring rain coats trenches
1 year, 26 days ago  |  Get Dressed

Make a Splash: Adorable Raingear

You know the old saying: Before we can get to May flowers, we’ve got to get through April showers, which are just around the corner. But how to brave the upcoming downpours while still looking good? By bringing a few raincoats and accessories into your wardrobe that are on-trend, flattering and fun. With those key pieces, you can both stay as dry as possible and distract from the inevitable RDHS (rainy day hair syndrome).

Transparent behavior: Stitched up in a unique transparent gray shade, this hooded raincoat a ($95 at looks cool, but also lets you show off your outfit underneath while walking through the rain. Since it’s mid-length, you get more coverage beyond your waist, and the hot pink trim adds a dash of extra flare to the already hip and functional topper.

In the trenches: Meanwhile, the classic double-breasted trench is seeing a big comeback this year (not like it ever went out of vogue — its slimming silhouette has been a mainstay of any chic spring or fall closet). But this season the options are more plentiful than ever. One sure and reasonably priced bet is the sleek, high-collared design by Lauren Ralph Lauren a ($200 at, which is both elegant and water-resistant. It comes in two shades: sand or summer loden, both neutrals that will complement any outfit you toss on underneath. Dress it down with jeans and a sweater, or dress it up with a sexy, curve-hugging black dress. The coat comes with shoulder flaps and faux leather buckles.

But let’s say the classic trench is just a little too staid for your taste. Then it’s time to take a look at something less neutral but still versatile enough not to visually fight with your outfits. For that, go for a bright solid color (orange and pink are plentiful in great cuts right now) or a sassy little striped number like the one at J.Crew b ($129.99 at The pattern is cute but not overbearing (since the stripes cover only the midsection of the coat). With a comfy, not form-fitting design, it pulls over even sweaters and office jackets. Yet it isn’t oversized, so still looks tailored and pulled together. I particularly love the beige-navy combo, which gives off nautical vibes — perfect for the rain.

And last but not least, the ultimate weather protection and style statement: the umbrella! As an accessory, what an opportunity to show off your inspired sartorial flair. You can go wild and bold with bright designs, like the floral prints from Lilly Pulitzer ($25.50 at Or go the opposite route: clean and clear, as with the design from Longchamp ($160 at It’s beautifully crafted with a maplewood handle and black or red bordering. Plus its transparency allows you to see where you’re going while hiding from the raindrops. Or maybe just hit on one of the hottest hues right now — a bright, electric green travel umbrella by Totes ($18 at, the very color we’ll be seeing everywhere once those storm clouds clear in May.