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1 year, 10 months ago  |  Get Loved

Make Dad Proud

Are dads the most annoying people to buy gifts for, like, ever? Ask a mom what she wants for Mother’s Day, and you’ll usually get a list of items or spa treatments she covets. Easy, right? Well, ask a dad the same thing, and it’s always either, “I dunno,” or just, “nothing.” Which leaves us gift givers just about nowhere.

But this year, we’ve got your back. All of the following gift ideas are bound to please multiple kinds of style-conscious dads. Buy one or two of them online today, ship it overnight delivery, and it’ll arrive by Saturday. Tada! You’re in business for Father’s Day.

Actually, one of our absolute favorite gifts doesn’t even require a delivery deadline: You can help your favorite dad help another dad by donating to the International Rescue Committee, which provides emergency cookstoves to refugee fathers, so they can feed their family a warm meal and boil water that’s safe to drink. $53 at

To make dad feel as dapper as he does philanthropic, toss him some Brothers Artisanal Oils: Made by the impossibly cute Shea family brothers. Whether he’s bearded or clean-shaven, this quasi-magical potion helps get a clean shave or nurture truly bountiful facial hair—thanks to a blend of argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oils, plus bewitchingly aromatic essential oils. (Ladies’ bonus: It’s worth stealing for our own skin, hair, and nails, too.) $22-$108 at

Hammer Bottle Opener: Have your old man keep this cleverly shaped tool—a beer opener disguised as a hammer—around at parties. It’s faux leather pouch makes that easy.

Speaking of beer, Beeropoly is a “hopped-up drinking game” is the life of any dinner party. Players sip their way through a series of beer –centric challenges, from rhyming competitions to dance-offs.

Tateossian cufflinks: With a pair of meticulously made, ultra-cool links with see-through gears, Father Dear will be as edgy as he is flashy. My favorites are the rhodium-plated cufflinks.

Can’t pony up for a steeply priced dinner at a swanky steakhouse? Go for the next best thing: a copy of the “Let’s Eat Meat” cookbook. Written by Tom Parker-Bowles, it spotlights tips on preparing beef, lamb, pork, poultry and veal, and recipes for savoring them.

And after he’s done eating, he can hop off the calories with an LED Smart Jump Rope, which counts jumps, and also syncs with an app to give calorie readings.