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Daniela Corte Mother's Day
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Mom’s The Word

From the diapers and tolerating teen angst to serving as an example of how we can get it all done with strength and individuality, moms are our rocks even when we don’t realize it. So with Mother’s Day fast approaching this Sunday, we’ve asked three inspiring local Supermoms to share a few gems with us—both gifts they’re coveting that reflect their personal style as well as words of wisdom. (And just F.Y.I., there’s no shame whatsoever in printing this out, circling your own faves, and happening to just casually leave it where it’s sure to be found as a subtle hint. Or just shop away yourself on the links below…. )

Lisa Hughes Lisa Hughes

“As a mom, I just always gravitate toward things to throw on that are easy,” says the much-loved WBZ-TV news anchor. “She doesn’t have time for anything fussy, and don’t bother giving her anything overly austere or serious, either. “I love all of the following pieces because they’re a combination of comfy and fun. Whether it’s the hem on the jeans or the ruffle on the shirt, they all have details that always remind you to have fun and play a little.”

1. “Gretta Luxe has this black top by 3.1 Phillip Lim with zippers and ruffles that I don’t own yet, but absolutely want.” [She recently donned it as a celebrity model at the ArtBeCause Fashion Show fundraiser to help fund prevention of breast cancer.]

2. “They also have a Yigal Azrouel scuba dress [call 781-237-7010 to order] that’s so comfy. This goes anywhere and is always completely 3.1 Philip Lim dressappropriate.”

3. “Jeans by Frame. They’re just an incredible cut and fit. So comfy, flattering, and great looking, I swear I could wear them every day.”

Daniela Corte Daniela Corte

“My mom and I have different styles—she goes for comfort, and I go for fashion,” says the always-impeccably-dressed and celebrated women fashion designer. “But she still taught me that no matter what your style is, you should choose things that make you feel good about yourself and comfortable in your own skin. And whether you’re feeling casual or more formal, to always dress like you’re going to bump into somebody. Even if you’re going to the grocery store, always dress with individuality and pride. And I’ve proudly passed that down to my own two kids, as well. Lanvin Patent Espadrille Wedge


1. “I swear by Gary Croteau, artistic director at Gretta Cole in Boston, to keep my hair from having a mind of its own. Hedoes the most amazing haircuts and blow dries, and the salon carries this otherworldly product from Oribe—the Imperial Blowout Transformative Styling Crème. And I’ll tell you, if someone were to give me some of the Crème to use at home, that would be a pretty terrific gift that I’d use all the time.”

Oribe styling creme2. “I’m thinking ahead to summer, and all those gorgeous sky-high, modern espadrille designs out there are calling my name. Lanvin has a particularly sleek, strappy leather wedge carried at Gretta Luxe that I’ve been eyeing….” 

3. “Speaking of my feet, I’m in heels all day, every day. And very high heels at that. So pedicures aren’t just a luxury for me, they’re also a necessity. The pedis at Gretta Cole are killer, and I can’t get enough of them—one more as a gift would be more than welcome. And as if that’s not enough, the Gretta Cole staff can do a mani and a pedi at the same time, so you get the gift of saved time, too!”

Corinne Grousbeck  Corinne Grousbeck

Some motherly advice lasts a lifetime. “My mom, who was height-challenged, advised me to ‘always wear a little heel,’ recalls Grousbeck, a world-class philanthropist (and self-admitted boutique fiend). “Even her house slippers had wedges. To this day, I struggle with flats.”
Proenza Schouler Graphic Print Top

1. “Eun, who does brows at Gretta Cole Wellesley, is life changing. She’s put off my eye lift for at least five years. I want a lifetime gift card to her fountain of youth.”

2. “Any sandal from Proenza Schouler. Size 8, please.” Proenza Schouler sandalsBarbara Bui 'Patti' Bag

3. “I’m coveting the Barbara Bui fold over, ‘Patti’ hobo bag. Also, anything Proenza Schouler, but I’ve already purchased most of it all myself!”