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Dinair airbrush
2 years, 3 months ago  |  Get Gorgeous

Start the Year With a Beauty Upgrade

It’s one of the go-to comments we ‘real people’ say to dismiss a TV or film actor’s ultra-perfect complexion: “Whatever… S/he’s all airbrushing.”

Is that because we’re annoyed because s/he’s tricking us? Or because we’re jealous that s/he has such a clever trick at their disposal, when the rest of us are left to fiddle with “high definition” (yet in truth, often low-results) hand-rubbed complexion smoothers, foundations, and cover ups?

But the thing is, we’re actually not so empty-handed. We’ve got access to just as much cool trickery as celebs do–some of us just may not know it yet.

Take Dinair, the brainchild of Dina Ousley, award-winning professional makeup artist and cosmetologist, and the originator of the airbrush makeup that revolutionized the cosmetics industry. Anticipating years ago that actors and actresses would be seen, filmed, and photographed in HD, Dinair developed the first HD, daily-wear airbrush makeup. Dinair’s also provided professional airbrush makeup training since the ’80s to leading makeup artists across the globe. And you can find it right now, at your disposal, in the extraordinarily capable hands of the crew at G Spa.

After having Dinair trainers Christina Flynn and Mary Renzoni descend on G Spa share their secrets and airbrushing wisdom, the spa’s become one of the best-kept secrets among the always-great-looking. If you see someone whose skin is more flawless, whose eyes are more sparkly, whose flush is just more, well, flush? They’ve probably just visited G Spa for an airbrush.

Get yours now, or book a consultation for an upcoming event right here.