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Goldwell Kerasilk hair
1 year, 9 months ago  |  Get Gorgeous

Summer Hair Tip: The Fix is In

Summer hair mayhem. Most of us know it all too well. By now in the season your tresses are frizzed out, stressed by the heat, and as unruly as a toddler that’s overdue for a nap.

So give your poor locks a time out already. To do that, G Spa has just called in the big guns. They’ve picked up the luxury haircare line Goldwell Kerasilk, a revolutionary collection that delivers long-lasting hair transformations in three key areas:  beauty, strength, and protection.

For starters, it reconstructs. By nourishing hair, it fights stressed and damaged follicles. Then it controls. Unmanageable and frizzy locks get tamed and easily smoothed with the very first use. It also repowers: Fine or limp hair gets jolted with a moisturizing treatment until it boasts body and fullness. 

A collection of styling products (from mousses and glosses to straighteners and pastes) plus shampoos and conditioners that reconstruct and provide control, it includes a color line that evens out hair structure and provides a balanced, gorgeous hue.

So do your hair a solid and pick some up a.s.a.p. at G Spa. Swing by to get some (as well as some priceless in-person advice for our expert stylists there), or just call them at 860-312-4772 for more details.