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2 years, 3 months ago  |  Get Dressed

Your True Colors

Yes, winter in Boston can be sparkly and beautiful. Sometimes. But for the vast majority of the next few months, we wake up to gray mornings that don’t say, “Hey! Wake up and smile through your day!” so much as they say, “Hey! Pull the covers over your head, and hopefully when you wake up it’ll be sometime in April!”

So here’s an idea: If the skies aren’t going to offer you up some brightness, create your own–with a big assist from your closet. Here’s how to add a colorful touch to winter with just a handful of great accessories, a little creative styling, and (of course) an optimistic attitude.

Let’s start at the top: hats. You need one anyway with these temperatures, right? So go with something inspired that is (of course) still flattering. Something as simple as a classic rib-knit topper can give adorable new life to a look. Just check out the hot pink design being sold right now by Bluefly—a faux fur pom pom-topped wool blend for a mere $12.

Meanwhile, earflaps and trapper hats have had their day, and they still are—with winning designs like the luxe lambskin and fur, bright red ones currently at Selfridges ($294). It’s the kind of accessory that shouts both comfort (by virtue of its materials) and happiness (by virtue of its color).

Now for the neck: Rag & Bone is all over the brights this season, thanks to pieces like the Petra Scarf, which Intermix sells for $275. It adds huge flair when worn with dark denim, and almost any solid color coat or hat. And surprisingly, it’s got enough attitude to also complement a more formal velvet or lace dress, or slinky, low-cut jumper for a night out.

A bright sweater: At work or a cocktail party, Kangra’s cashmere crewneck ($176) is a showstopper in orange. It almost literally sets any room you walk into in it on fire, and breathes new life into any pair of gray pants or skirt.

And now for the feet—possibly the part of us that needs color the most, since it has to trudge through so much snow and slush this season. In its original gloss finish, Hunter Boots is now making its knee-high design in bright cerise (a hot pinkish red), as well as a strong, standout red. They look fantastic against a navy blue or dark khaki military winter coat, or a black wool pea coat.

Above all, please note: The idea here is to give a pop of color—i.e., to use one or two accessories to inject an outfit with vibrancy—not to load up on complete, head-to-toe hot hues. As always, great styling is about balance. We’re looking to surprise and brighten up, not inspire people to ask if we work for the circus!