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Brow and lash tinting
1 year, 10 months ago  |  Get Gorgeous

The Eyes Have It

Riddle: What defines something, changes according to its environment, and changes the laws of attraction in literally the blink of an eye?

Answer: The lash and brow tinting at Gretta Cole Copley.

In colors from chestnut and light brown to dark brown and graphite, black/blue, and black, the tinting is perfectly customized to flatter everything about your face, and save you the time it takes every day to put makeup on–and last up to a month. Meanwhile, both services together take no more than 30 minutes (yup, for both), and 15 minutes for each, individually. They’re also pretty darn wallet-friendly: $25 for brows, and $35 for lashes.

Call for an appointment with Eun or Ewa at 617-266-6166, and you’ll save yourself some serious time while also turning heads.

And that’s no joke.