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10 months, 3 days ago  |  Get Dressed

To Maternity & Beyond

By Gretta Monahan

My style strategy second pregnancy around has been to challenge myself to use pieces I already have in my closet and to only invest in additional items that I need and can positively wear postpartum (and beyond) with a smile.

I challenged myself not to buy into overloading on expensive disposable maternity wear that would feel more like an expectation rather than a treat to wear—and as a result, ultimately just clog up my closet for nine months.

I was on a mission only to buy what I loved and needed so the only actual ‘maternity’ items I bought for my entire pregnancy are:

1. One pair of faux leggings with belly insert at H&M on sale for 18.99 (I highly recommend H&M for well-priced and cooler basics than high-end maternity stores).

2. One pair of maternity jeans with side inserts at ASOS Maternity.

3. Two maternity bras; one black and one nude. Okay, listen: This is my one exception to spending a bit more on something you need that you will ultimately not keep forever. Because here’s the thing: Your regular bras were never meant to be worn a decade plus. (Though I know many women hang on to them far too long!) If you know me, then you know I’ve always said we must invest in The best undergarments, and this applies during pregnancy too—arguably even more so, because because we have such a dramatic shift in our shape that it affects us mentally and physically. It’s so important to be in a correct size, level of support and style. So you’ve always got to have a high-quality bra. My biggest tip on this: Friends don’t let friends bra shop alone—especially for pregnancy bras. Then, once you find the perfect bra and know the brand and your size, you can always get a duplicate online if it’s perfection. But to start out, spend the extra time and money and always choose a shop that has expert consultants that will measure you in person and assist you in estimating what you should buy. I also suggest getting bras with clips to wear as you grow during pregnancy, and then you can still use them during postpartum during breastfeeding (if that’s part of your plan). Not only is it healthier for your back and posture, you’ll look and feel 1000% times better each and every day that you get dressed!