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What to bring to the beach
8 months, 4 days ago  |  Get Away  |  Get Dressed

Bring it to the beach

By Gretta Monahan

Weekend getaways are one of the best parts of summer, except for the packing. Trying to narrow down all my clothing options to just a few essential outfits can be tough enough — let alone choosing between my favorite shoes, and then making it all fit. A daunting task.

But what with the seashore beckoning, so many cities to see and so many mountains to hike, this is no time to freeze up. Just ask the style-savvy ladies who run my boutique, Gretta Luxe: Kelly, Carina and Lauren are rolling out summer travel inspiration all season, chronicling their weekend adventures to destinations such as Cape Cod and New York City on Instagram (@grettaluxe). So with them, I’ve figured out a few strategies that take the pain out of packing.

For starters, pick a color palette and stick with it. Whether it’s navy blue and white, shades of black and white and gray, or warm tones of brown and beiges, choosing one scheme will make your life much more effortless once it comes time to get dressed while you’re away.

As for what to actually pack, well, it all depends on your destination.

For the beach:

Pair of capris

Simple top

Cute evening tank top (with a snazzy detail or two)

Bathing suit

Pair of shorts

Lightweight maxi dress


That will yield the following combos:

Friday late afternoon and evening: The simple top and capris

Saturday: bathing suit and maxi dress as a cover-up

Saturday night: evening tank top and capris

Sunday: shorts and the simple top over your bathing suit
For the country:

Lightweight blazer



Two simple white shirts

Red sweater


Flat sandals

Walking shoes/socks

So that will result in:

Friday night: blazer, white shirt, jeans

Saturday: jeans and red sweater

Saturday night: navy blazer and tan chinos, white shirt

Sunday: shorts, white shirt and walking shoes/socks

For the city

Black dress

Black pants

Black jacket

Tan pants

Simple white shirt

Print shirt

Pair of walking flats

Pair of comfy wedge heels


So that will mean you’ve got:

Friday night: black pants/jacket and white shirt

Saturday: tan pants and printed shirt

Saturday night: black dress

Sunday: black jacket, tan pants and white shirt, with great scarf

Don’t forget to add the following to any of those combinations — shades, sunscreen, toiletries and some good reading material — and you’re good to go.